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13 Jun


I received a towel as my 20th birthday present. By now you know that the title of this blogpost oozes sarcasm. I will spare the detail of who sent it because that’s pretty much as irrelevant as the person themself.  (Coming to the ^ picture shortly, read below) I was in London at the time and my mother was visiting so we had a full house of very sassy ladies-including my mother’s best friend and my flatmate. Now this so called present was the hype since it was being sent to me from Pakistan and the sender just would not stop talking to me about the contents, packaging and effort put into it all. 4 days after...
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21 Feb


Glossier has been taking over the blogging and YouTube community but I wanted to see the products for myself before I bought them since there were mixed reviews everywhere. I was in New York recently and got the chance to visit the Glossier showroom on Lafayette Street. I was greeted by the team and spoke to Hailey about the brand and the Glossier philosophy.   The Glossier woman is someone who is natural and wants subtle makeup as opposed to the full on Instagram glam that has been trending for quite some time. The focus is on enhancing your natural beauty and features without concealing too much and using too many products, which makes it perfect for women on the go. What I...
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