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9 Aug


Seeing flared trousers, denim dresses and voluminous blowouts everywhere, one thing is for sure- we’ve embraced the 70’s comeback. But what I specifically love about the trend is the accessories, which brings us to the Carlina sunglasses by Chloe.   For me personally, I got very Charlie’s Angels- Farah Fawcett “vibes” when I discovered the Chloe range. That’s probably because of the oversized shape, pink coloured lenses and gold rims. I could see myself in a denim jumpsuit or a white tiered maxi dress just rocking these glasses amidst some palm trees (but that will probably remain a dream, since the dupes did not suit me at all and I’ll ramble about that later).     I found these sunglasses on DEPOP, DEPOP.COM an app...
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